02 Feb

What a day of mixed emotions. Debbie and I have accepted an offer to serve as the preaching minister for the Crestview Church of Christ, in Waco, Texas. Over the past couple of years a number of congregations have contacted us inviting us to consider working with them, but we have never felt released from Belton nor have we felt called to another ministry. But in the later part of last year, the leadership of Crestview reached out to us. We were ready to say no to this opportunity, but for some reason we were convinced that we needed to investigate further.

I got to know a little about Crestview through my friend Jim Martin who served as the preacher there for over 20 years. The leaders at Crestview reached out to us to see if this might be a good fit. Although we made it clear to the Crestview leadership team that we were not at all sure that God was calling us to transition away from Belton, we did enter into a time of discernment with them. Through conversations with the Crestview leadership, through advice given to us by some trusted voices in our lives, and through many hours of prayer, it became more and more clear to us that we were being led and called to this new opportunity. The expectations of the position at Crestview seems to match my gifts and be a better fit for me at this time. This has truly been one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever made.

Debbie and I want to reiterate our love for Belton. 2 of our children were born here and we’ve made a home for ourselves in Belton. We love our friends, our church and our community. Miller’s BBQ is here, for goodness sake! (Seriously, if you haven’t tried it…it’s one of the best BBQ joints in the world.) Even after it was clear to us that God was leading us to Waco, our love for Belton made it difficult to commit.

Debbie and I have lived life among people in Belton and walked with the good people here in the best times and in the worst times. We’ve journeyed through the quiet waters, green meadows as well as the darkest valley. I would like to use this blog to share some of these stories because these have shaped me and my family deeply.

We will be in Belton for another 6 weeks to help with the transition. It is difficult for me to imagine that my time in Belton is this short, but I am confident God is in this. The invitation Jesus gives is an invitation to journey with him. This is what I am committed to doing. Please pray for Belton as the transition begins, Crestview as I transition there and also for my family.

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