What I love about my church today (Mother’s Day)

09 May

Each week, I want to share something I appreciate about my community of faith, the Belton Church of Christ located in Belton, TX.  Each week, I will highlight one “bright spot” in my congregation.

This week, I am so thankful for the community that helps me parent my children. My wife Debbie and I formed friendships with others who were having children about the same time as we did. These friendships lasted even while we moved away from Belton for three years. When we came back to Belton, we re-entered these friendships and quickly developed even deeper relationships with these people. One thing I love about my church family is that we have given each other permission to make parenting mistakes and to be honest with one another knowing that forgiveness and understanding awaits us.

On Saturday, I made a mistake with my parenting. It turned out to be nothing serious, but it could have accidentally hurt one of my children. This happened while at a birthday party with these friends from church. I risked being honest with everyone about my mistake. The response was instant and immediate grace. One of my friends came to check on me and said, “Hey, are you okay?” She then told me a story of a mistake she had made while parenting. Another friend came up and shared a less-than-proud moment. They gave me grace in a moment where I did not want to give myself any grace, especially since I was scheduled to speak on parenting the next day! In that moment, they accepted me beyond my role of minister and treated me like a friend who needed encouragement and forgiveness.

I love my church because of a network and a community of mutual support, mutual ministry and mutual forgiveness. This is what I need in order to parent my children, and I want to give others the grace that they have given me.

When have you been given grace from others from your faith community?

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